Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, Mice in the Barn is finished and ready for press. It was a whole lot of work and a lot of fun to paint....and better yet, I think 'those who pay' were extremely happy with the work. There are even talks of a follow-up book to begin very soon (as in now). It's always nice to finish up one BIG project and begin another that is already behind schedule. How does that happen, exactly?

The next book is about...wait for it...wait for it...mice. Not just mice, mice that go camping. I think the working title is Red, Ted, and Jed....or Red, Ted, and Fred. All I know is that if the book is about camping, I would like to officially try to include a reference to Canteen Boy if at all possible. Somehow, I don't think that will fly with a children's book.

Here are a few more finished lo-res spots from Mice in the Barn:

Mice in the Barn (Painter)

Mice in the Barn (Painter)

Mice in the Barn (Painter)

As always...a pleasure to work with The Zealot on this project. One day, maybe we will earn our mice badges and work our way up to other mammalian species.

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Amy Kingman said...

I love it! It looks fantastic! :D