Monday, August 25, 2008


I've been working on a poster series, and just finished the last one. These were designed to announce an upcoming laptop initiative at work starting this month. The challenge was trying to create an atmosphere of empowerment rather than dread. The scenario was pretty simple...starting Fall 2008 all students in the department were required to have laptops (i.e. buy their own laptop and software). Now attempting to get college students to be excited about spending a lot of beer money on a laptop...that's a tough sell to say the least. So the idea came up to produce a series of images that would a) empower students b) create a sense of solidarity and 3) drive them to the website for more information. Here was my take:

Rise! 24"x36", March 2008 (Illustrator)

Realize! 24"x36", May 2008 (Illustrator)

Rejoice! 24"x36", August 2008 (Illustrator)

Overall, I'm happy with the results...especially the concept.

This post brought to you by the colors Red, Orange, and Yellow.


Amy Kingman said...

Super cool illustrations, love the concept and the poster composition. Nice work all around! Makes me want to buy 2 laptops!

TheZealot said...

Dude, my faves are "Rejoice" (Nina too) and "Realize". Nice posters!

Vince Gorman said...

Love the colors

Josh Corken said...

I'm not seeing the yellow, orange, and red you speack of. I bet you didn't even use those colors in these illustrations!