Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old Stuff.

Reorganizing old files, and found some even older work. You know what that means? Archival vomit (bare with me here, folks)...even my very first digital illustration - good ol' Fred Sanford (who knows the airbrush tool? Dan knows the airbrush tool, that's who. haha).

Fred Sanford (Photoshop)

The rest of these are oil paint on board / canvas (ahh the good ol' days, when I used to smell like turpentine). Alot of these involved transferring a drawing to hot press illustration board, covering the entire board with masking tape, cutting around the design with an X-acto knife, painting, letting dry, and peeling the tape away. Something tells me that using selection tools in Photoshop is a bit you don't have to use the oven as a drier.

The Perils of Playing Outdoors (Oil on board) for House Calls Magazine (special thanks to my nephew Wilken for modeling).

Car Detaling (Oil on board) for Consumer Reports Magazine

Indiana Agriculture poster (Oil on board) for Indiana Agriculture Resource Council

Furniture Restoration (Oil on board) for Living in Stamford Magazine
Pharmaceutical Payoffs (Oil on board) for Great Life Magazine
Discover Art poster (Oil on canvas) for the Savannah College of Art and Design

Young's Marina (Graphite Transfer and Oil on board) Bronze Medal Society of Illustrators Los Angeles

Massage Therapy (Oil on board) Rejected illustration for Charleston Magazine

Howard Stern (Oil on board) Self-promotional mailer
Monica Lewinsky as a Shop-Vac (Oil on board) Self-promotion
Bob Ross (Oil on board) Self-promotion

IRS Agent (Oil on board) Self-promotion
Gum balls (Oil on board) Based upon the harrowing revelation that my grandpa had dentures
I Gave You My Heart...You Shot My Dog (Oil on board) Semi auto-biographical's okay, I married a red head in the end :)

Yellow Tears (Oil on canvas) Self-promotion

Nosey (Oil on board) Self-promotion

Globalism (Oil on canvas) Self-promotion

Stock Market (Oil on board) Self-promotion

Loonies (Oil on canvas) Self-promotion

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Vince Gorman said...

I definitely like the last one, "the loonies" is great. Thanks for sharing