Thursday, May 15, 2008

Richard Simmons.

With this deluge of work in Painter, it got me thinking about older illustration jobs...and the fun of working with oils under a deadline. Galkyd, Japan Drier, Cobalt Drier...I think I tried them all.

I actually was so under the gun on one occasion that I actually thought putting illustration board, layered with lead white and cadmium oil paints, in an oven was a smart idea. I thought a quick bake at 350 degrees would help dry a glaze so I could rush to a finish. What an idiot. Of course I used the down time to unexpectedly fall asleep. When I finally opened the oven door...the paint was bubbling and belching noxious fumes.

This was that painting. Maybe it was Richard getting even.

Richard Simmons. (Oil on board)

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