Thursday, November 13, 2008

Character Design.

The Mice posts got yanked until publication of the book. Please don't cry. The sun will come up tomorrow.


I've started a character design and plan on "moving" it around in Flash....something I've really never explored. I'm sure that during this experiment at least 7 of the 9 Old Men will roll over in their graves...the other two will be too busy laughing.

I wanted to create a character in his mid 30s who operates on little sleep, has the patience of an 85 year-old man whose lawn the neighborhood kids are constantly walking across, never sees the sunlight, who is developing the physique of this guy, and whose chins are multiplying faster than those of a young Roseanne. Hopefully he looks familiar.

Here are some loose prep sketches. I finally got close to what I wanted but only after really studying and simplifying. But man those first few sketches are brutal - the first one especially, which looks suspiciously like I had a love child with Milhouse Van Houten or Paul from the Wonder Years. Still looks too much like "Default Flash Character," but hopefully I can lose that during the process.

Character Design Studies (Painter)
Also noodled with some color. Not completely sold, I'm sure it will change once I attempt to draw this entirely in Flash.

Character Design Color Comp (Painter / Photoshop)

Turn-around is next...which means I'll have to figure out what is going on with that face.

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Josh Corken said...

Your description of this character is spot on! Awesome.