Monday, November 24, 2008

Keyframe Test.

Still playing. I'm also noticing a tinge of the famed 60's Bigfoot video...

Today's note
Watching cartoons is much easier than attempting to make them.

Keyframe Test (Flash)


Vince Gorman said...

nice Dan! I love to see someone else trying to tackle the "hand-drawn animation beast". I really like the character and the walk is off to great start. I might stagger the bangs-hair-flip a drawing or 2. In other words,keep the hair up on your last drawing when he starts to fall and makes contact. Don't let the hair drop down until a drawing or 2 after the body has already gotten to it's lowest point. Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog, by the way. If you are ever out that way, come see us.

Amy Kingman said...

Yay! Lookin good! I agree with the bangs comment. Looking forward to seeing it loop and cleaned up. :)