Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Miley Cyrus You're Next.

Since we're on the subject of caricatures...isn't the driving force behind any good caricature how 'buzz-worthy' that person is at the time of publication? Me thinks so. During this age of instant information and the constant deluge of imagery we all's all about the now.

I must admit, I'm the first guy who likes to stick his arm, elbow deep, into the sparkling dung heap of pop culture, and pull out a
caricature that has some immediate importance (to someone). The problem is, a few months after the fact, does the illustration still hold any significance? Does the narrative still make sense? Does anyone care? Or are we all now only concerned with the current orgy of child stars, sex tapes, and gastric bypass?

TMZ has stolen my will to live.

Well, in that are some recent, yet 'old news' illustrations.

Kim Jong-Il
- (Photoshop / Painter)

TomKat...on their beloved 'birth' of daughter Suri (Photoshop / Painter)

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