Friday, May 2, 2008

'Night on the Avenue' Backgrounds

Here's another Ludwick/Baldwin endeavor...'Night on the Avenue' a short based upon oral histories of the 50's jazz scene on Indiana Avenue (downtown Indianapolis). Will this ever see the light of day? Hope so.

Long pan background. (Photoshop/Painter)

Back room poker hall. (Photoshop/Painter)

Avenue at sunset. (Photoshop/Painter)

I've got more of these, I'll post later.


TheZealot said...

What's amazing about this project was it stunned people, and the guy that started it would not make the necessary steps to get it moving. Sad indeed.
But the art looks great! Maybe I'll post character designs to complete the loop.

Dan Baldwin said...

Jazz champions, where are you? Important story here.