Thursday, May 1, 2008

'Office Fatties' backgrounds

Here are some backgrounds for 'Office Fatties,' A concept developed by me and John Ludwick (I call him Brian, but you must first obtain permission from the man - lest there be a smackdown), and currently aided by Mike Flaherty on the writing tip. The premise is pretty straightforward - Fatty Professors wreak havoc in the hallowed halls of academia...thus the tagline - 'It's lunchtime, do you know where your professor is?'

This has been a work in progress for nearly 3 years. Geez, 3 years...that's depressing. It's hard enough carving out time to work on this without being sidetracked by other jobs that actually pay - but, I do have faith in this one. 3 years later, and I still laugh at the writing - which I'll take as a good sign.

This is the 1st floor lobby - tiny elevator to the right, vending machines off stage left. Portraits of past and current Office Fatties, including Dean Harlon Butterball, hang in the hallway. (Photoshop/Painter)

This background is an establishing shot of the office elevator complete with industrial sized gears that hall the fatties between floors. I'm not sure if there are actually cotton-candy colored elevators...but it does make me hungry for fair food. (Photoshop/Painter)

This is the same elevator - several fatties are inside, returning to their offices after lunch at the Hungry Hippo. This shot takes place right before a gaseous implosion on board...perhaps due to mechanical failure...or the beef stroganoff. (Photoshop/Painter)

More 'Office Fatties' stuff to come...


TheZealot said...

I just can't help admire them - despite that I've seen them before.

Dan Baldwin said...

Thanks Brian, er John. Your $20 bucks is in the mail.