Monday, May 26, 2008

Rzeszów, Poland

I'm currently spending some time in Poland. For the next four weeks I will be living and working in two different cities. The first city, Rzeszów, is located in southern Poland and is filled with a rich history and amazing, warm people. In roughly two weeks I will be headed north to the town of Poznań.

I wanted to take less photographs on this trip and spend much more needed time in a sketchbook. So, I've attempted to sketch as much as work will allow.

These first sketches were created quickly while waiting for a connecting flight at the O'Hare Airport in Chicago on Friday. By the way, I am a complete weakling when it comes to sketching in public...I try to remain in stealth mode, and quickly avert my eyes if my subject glances my direction. So these drawings reflect that...quick bursts of line that, at times, miss the detail that could improve them. I'm without a scanner, so forgive the bad digital pics of the sketchbook.

Airport Man #1 (Pencil)

Airport Man #2 (Pencil)

Today, we finally had some great weather in Rzeszów, and I wanted to head out to a local park named Park Sybiraków to try and sketch some local people (without being noticed).

At the top of one hill, I saw a gathering of older men who undoubtedly had seen the hardships of communist rule. Two or three would sit and talk, and others would wander up - almost as if they were expected - and share vodka with one another. You could see the years on their faces and in their movements. As I sat there, I saw something I thought was quite beautiful. Down-trodden, visibly worn men gently pouring glasses of vodka for one another. Several had only empty glasses that they held, and others would share what vodka they had, exchange a few gentle words and move on down the path.

I sat there and drew. These were some of the men.

Polish Man #1 (Pen)

Polish Man #2 (Pen)

Polish Man #3 (Pen)

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Amy Kingman said...

I love your sketches!